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Psychic Accelerator Private Podcast


Unlock the power of your chakras and embark on a transformative journey into your soul's purpose with The Psychic Accelerator Activation Private Podcast Series.

What you'll get:

This unique offering combines chakra activations and guided exploration of the Akashic Records, allowing you to tap into your spiritual potential and elevate your consciousness.

Convenience and Accessibility: The activations are provided in an MP3 podcast format, making them easily accessible from your phone or tablet. Listen to them anytime, anywhere, and embark on transformative journeys at your own convenience.

6 Powerful Activations included!

Simply copy and paste the custom URL into your these listed podcast providers (Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Overcast, Podcast Addict)

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*Never drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to an activation/meditation. Find a safe peaceful place to listen and enjoy.